LLDB and third-party modules


I'm having some trouble debugging code that uses third-party modules.

I'm working on an iOS App with Xcode 8, Swift 3, and macOS Sierra.

Here's what happens:

- I built the module-under-test with the Debug configuration as a
framework, and then linked it to my app
- I set a breakpoint in my app code
- After hitting the breakpoint, I go back in the stack to a frame
that's in the module
- The variables window lists the variables in the frame, but only
shows the pointer.
- Running `po variable` causes the following error in LLDB:


error: <EXPR>:1:11: error: use of undeclared type '$__lldb_context'
extension $__lldb_context {

error: <EXPR>:18:5: error: use of unresolved identifier '$__lldb_injected_self'

Has anyone had any success with debugging code that's in an external module?