Linking to an anchor?

I have a large type with lots of properties and methods. I've been using a documentation extension to organize them into more logical sections. The generated HTML turns these into <h3> tags with an id, as well as the little button to copy a link to that anchor.

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to create a <doc:...> link to these anchors.

For example, I have a type called Fixed, and I have organized its symbols using a file in my documentation bundle. One of these sections I've added is called is called ### Formatting Values.

How would I create a link to it? ``Fixed#Formatting-Values`` does not work, nor does <doc:Fixed#Formatting-Values>, <doc:Fixed/Formatting-Values>, or <doc:Fixed/#Formatting-Values>.

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I didn't think it was possible at all, but it turns out there are some options - detailed by David at How-to link to a symbol's topic section? - #3 by ronnqvist. Not sure if this'll get what you're after or not though.

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Thanks for the link. Unfortunately it seems like what I'm after isn't possible. What a shame. :pensive: