Lazy parameter

Swift supports lazy variable in struct / class definition as follows:

struct SomeStruct {
    lazy var x: Int = 0

But currently Swift doesn't support to define functions with lazy parameters. I propose the following language feature:

func f(x: lazy Int) {
    // do something

which is equivalent to the following to some extent:

func f(x: () -> Int) {
    // do something

With the lazy keyword, the expression which is passed to the lazy parameter won't be evaluated until being used in the function body:


For example, here 1+2 won't be evaluated until x is being used in the function f .

Use case:

  1. overload | or || to support short-circuit evaluation:
struct S {}

func | (lhs: S, rhs: lazy S) -> S {
	// do something

So if lhs meet some condition, rhs won't be evaluated.

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This is basically what we have @autoclosure for. It is slightly more syntax heavy on the callee side, since you’re required to call a function farther than just use the value, but it fills basically this exact purpose (and is used already in the Bool operators for short circuiting):

  public static func && (lhs: Bool, rhs: @autoclosure () throws -> Bool) rethrows
      -> Bool {
    return lhs ? try rhs() : false