Label on swift 4.2 app does not appear

Hi, I am a beginner and Im trying to output labels TLM HAS PAPER or TLM HAS NO PAPER to my iPhone 6.
My code is below.
Input Html into a string, then I find the character string "Sensor is:</2>OFF" . Then print label to my phone. It sometimes works if I move the code around, but only cycle a few times.
I installed a timer to slow the code down so the label can maybe will print, but this has failed.
Any guidance appreciated.

// ViewController.swift
// TLMv25_11_18

import UIKit
import WebKit

class ViewController: UIViewController { //A

@IBOutlet weak var webView: WKWebView!
@IBOutlet weak var alarm: UILabel!

override func viewDidLoad()        { //B
    let myURL = URL(string:"")
    let myRequest = URLRequest(url: myURL!)
    print("step 1")
    var i = 300000
    if let url = URL(string: "")         { //J
            do { //I
                let contents = try String(contentsOf: url)
                print("step 2")
                if contents.contains("Sensor is:</2>ON")   { //F
                    print("** sensor is on")
                    while i >= 0 { //k
                    alarm.text = "TLM HAS PAPER"
                    //delay here
                        i -= 1
                    } //k
                    print("this is working here in my code")
                    print("step 3")
                } //F
                if  contents.contains("Sensor is:</2>OFF") { //G
                    print("step 4")
                    print("sensor is off")
                    alarm.text = "NO PAPER"
                    print("code working to here")
             } //G
             } //J
            catch { //E
                print("check wifi")
                print("step 5")
            } //E
        print("step 6")
            } //I
    print("step 7")
                                    } //B

                                    } //A

Aside that this question is not related to the Swift open source project itself, hence the #off-topic tag on the thread, I see one mistake in your code. Remove the viewDidLoad() call after step 7 because this will produce an infinite loop.

Hello DevAndArtist, I will move off forum, but thanks for the reply. Yes your correct it does work for one time. It stops at step 7 just before viewDidLoad(). The function viewDidLoad() allowed me to loop back and keep monitoring my HTML string for any change.
Thanks for the reply.

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