Kitura Is Now a Community Project

Hello Kitura community,

I’m delighted to announce that the IBM team who built Kitura are happy to aid in transitioning Kitura to a community project. With their blessing, I’m proud to be taking on the role as the community project maintainer. I’ll be working with IBM over the next few weeks to work out the logistics in transferring ownership of the project.

I know a lot of us have had questions about the future of Kitura. I’m glad to help keep the project going and I’m looking forward to collaborating with others who are passionate about server-side Swift. If you’re interested in helping to shape the future direction of Kitura, please reach out! No role is too small or too big! Please follow-up in this group or DM me.

For all you Kitura users, hang in there. I hope to be reaching out soon to get your perspectives on how you’re using Kitura and where you’d like to see improvements. And of course the project will best be served by contributions from all you lovely people out there, so get ready to send those pull-requests!



This is great to hear Danny!


That’s great news Danny! Thanks for taking this on :slight_smile: :tada:


Wonderful ! I love Kitura :D


Super cool! Thanks to IBM and the Kitura community for stepping up!


Excited to try Kitura out :) :nerd_face:

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Would be nice to see this ported to the IBM I platform.

Great to hear! We are dependent on kitura at and welcome this news. We will try to help where we can.

For us, it is most important that things are stable. New features are great, but we would prefer the basis just keeps on keepin' on. Leave the experimental stuff to the other guys.


Hey anything happening with this project? I see nothing going on the site? Has transfer happened?

Sorry, little visible movement right now. We're trying to make sure the transition is smooth for everyone (regarding package dependencies, etc.). I'll post a notice with the plan before making the change so that everyone is aware.


Thanks. Good work.


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