July 29th, 2020 Special Update

Since it's 2018 launch, the Swift Server Workgroup focused on building out a robust server ecosystem. We started with solutions around networking, security, and HTTP, and continued with database and storage drivers, observability, and common utilities.

While significant progress has been achieved, the work is far from complete, with several key projects in motion: Notably, distributed tracing, platform integration guides, and additional database and storage drivers.

To help support these and future efforts, we would like to announce changes to the SSWG. The following members of the community joined the workgroup on June 24th, 2020:

Kaitlin Mahar (@kmahar):
Kaitlin is a senior software engineer at MongoDB, where she leads development of the official MongoDB driver for Swift. Kaitlin brings hands-on experience in designing and developing low-level storage drivers for the Swift server ecosystem, including interoperability with C drivers and alternative concurrency and networking models.

In addition to her contributions in the storage space, Kaitlin is an active member of the Swift community and a frequent conference speaker.

Simon Pilkington (@tachyonics):
Simon is a senior software engineer at Amazon, where he leads the development of the Prime Video Video-on-Demand Encoding Platform. Simon is also the author of the Smoke Web Framework, which natively supports Swift-based web services on the Amazon platform.

In addition to his contributions in the web-frameworks space, Simon brings hands on experience in building, deploying and operating production systems at Amazon scale, and will provide leadership in this domain.

Todd Varland
As a senior manager at AWS, Todd oversees a team of technologists who guide and influence the largest, most complex AWS customers and is author and inventor of AWS Simple Beer Service, Simple Robot Service and co-creator of AWS Maker Studio.

In other news, Johannes Weiss (@weissi) has taken a paternity leave for the rest of the year to spend time with his newborn son. Johannes will continue to engage in community activities as time permits and we would like to congratulate Johannes and wish him a pleasant break. While on leave, Peter Adams (@PeterAdams-A) from the SwiftNIO team at Apple will assume his seat in the SSWG.


This is awesome news! Congratulations @kmahar and @tachyonics!


These are wonderful news!

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