JIRA notification service status

Hi all,
Just posting this question to ask about the JIRA https://bugs.swift.org site, because it seems like the notifications are not working. I note mentions going to the feed but was not notified about them via email nor JIRA app and since I didn't make any settings change(not even couldn't find any option about that) I wonder if there is something up with the service and others are seeing the same?

Thanks in advance :)

cc @mishal_shah

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Also, have put some questions in an issue(SR-9425) , but not sure if people were notified ...
cc @xedin @Erik_Eckstein

Ah don't worry, is nothing wrong with the service ... it was a mistake from my part, it is just that I have a older account with different user names :sweat_smile:, the same email, but different user names
Sorry, nothing to worry here =]

Do you still receive emails/notifications if you keep a tab open? I'm not a frequent JIRA user, so I don't really known how the notification system works. If that's not the case, then I faced the same issue of yours: I haven't received emails since yesterday afternoon (GTM+01) and I only have one account.

Hum, now that you mentioned the two accounts are associated with same email so maybe it should be notified regardless.

As far as I know you should receive independently of that, but not really sure

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