I've found a serious Bug in JSON encoding (SR-6631) and would like to fix it. [Sorry for the multiple posts]

Dear all

I've found a serious Bug in the JSON encoding foundations. [ SR-6631 <Issues · apple/swift-issues · GitHub; ]

This bug cause JSON encoding issues on Doubles when using a locale that does not use dot as decimal separator e.g « fr_FR » (we use a coma)
When using such a locale JSONEncoder & JSONSerialization encodes the Double value with the localized decimal separator.

Code proof of the issue :

import Foundation

// Required to call setLocale
import Darwin

// Let's set to french

struct Shot:Codable{
    let seconds:Double

let shot = Shot(seconds: 1.1)

    let data = try JSONEncoder().encode(shot)
    if let json = String(data:data, encoding:.utf8){
        // the result is : "{"seconds":1,1000000000000001} »
  // should be : "{"seconds":1.1000000000000001} »
        // The decimal separator should not be "," but "."


Fix Proposal :

in swift-corelibs-foundation swift-corelibs-foundation/JSONSerialization.swift at 7bf5fc770471bcc6f9050cbdcd49492feccda2f2 · benoit-pereira-da-silva/swift-corelibs-foundation · GitHub
In `JSONSerialization.swift` line 308 may be should we specify `kCFNumberFormatterDecimalSeparator` ?
Adding : CFNumberFormatterSetProperty(formatter, kCFNumberFormatterDecimalSeparator,CFSTR("."))

    private lazy var _numberformatter: CFNumberFormatter = {
        let formatter: CFNumberFormatter
        formatter = CFNumberFormatterCreate(nil, CFLocaleCopyCurrent(), kCFNumberFormatterNoStyle)
        CFNumberFormatterSetProperty(formatter, kCFNumberFormatterMaxFractionDigits, NSNumber(value: 15))
        CFNumberFormatterSetProperty(formatter, kCFNumberFormatterDecimalSeparator,CFSTR("."))
        CFNumberFormatterSetFormat(formatter, "0.###############"._cfObject)
        return formatter

I would like to propose my fix, test it and, but i’m not mastering the contribution mechanism.

Where should i start?

I ve forked swift-corelibs-foundation <swift-corelibs-foundation/JSONSerialization.swift at 7bf5fc770471bcc6f9050cbdcd49492feccda2f2 · benoit-pereira-da-silva/swift-corelibs-foundation · GitHub;
How can i test my fix?


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