Is there a way to check TSPL diff?

Hi, we are creating a Japanese translation of TSPL(The Swift Programming Language) from Swift5.5.

We would like to update it to Swift5.6. But we find it difficult to confirm exact change points.
(We know there is Document Revision History, but it's difficult to find all changes.)

Is there a way to do it on Github or somewhere?



Hi and welcome!

There isn't a public diff available, but if you kept a copy of the Swift 5.5 ePub around, it should be relatively simple to diff the underlying XHTML.



Thank you very much!
We could confirm the diff. Your advice was very useful to us.

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I'm not sure if I should write here or not, but I think my another question is related to the previous question.

Is there any way to receive notification (or see the announcement) when TSPL updated?

We think there are many updates on Swift5.7 (any, new syntax using some, if let...and more), so we would like to know the update as quick as possible.