Is redistributing swift allowed?


The title says it all. I was curious if I am allowed to redistribute swift. I compiled swift 5 on Debian GNU/Linux and want to distribute it on Snapcraft and as .deb package on the Debian servers. Am I allowed to do this or would I get into trouble with Apple when doing this?

My second question is (in case that I am allowed to redistribute it) what the swift runtime dependencies are. I mean, I know that such stuff like cmake, ninja and so on are only required to build it, but are all of the other things needed for running the swift compiler and so on? Thanks in advance for your answers!

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For system requirement:

It may have excluded some implicit packages installed alongside OS.

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Fedora linux is redistributing it without a problem, since the Swift source is largely available under the OSS Apache license linked above. I plan on submitting a pull for a Swift compiler package in the Android Termux app soon, since I have been building Swift and running its tests natively on Android.

As for the runtime dependencies, the Fedora package script lists some, more like libicu and libcurl will likely be needed.

An additional resource for runtime dependency info would be the official Swift Docker image. It’s Ubuntu based but nevertheless a useful data point.

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