Is it possible to see CPP log in Swift

I want to get some logs when working with Structured/Unstructured Concurrency:
I found some debug log in source code of Task.cpp:

  } else if (taskIsUnstructured(taskCreateFlags, jobFlags)) {
     SWIFT_TASK_DEBUG_LOG("Creating an unstructured task from %p", currentTask);

    if (isUnspecified(basePriority)) {
      // Case 1: No priority specified
      //    Base priority = Base priority of parent with a UI -> IN downgrade
      //    Escalated priority = UN
      if (currentTask) {
        basePriority = currentTask->_private().BasePriority;
      } else {
        basePriority = swift_task_getCurrentThreadPriority();
      basePriority = withUserInteractivePriorityDowngrade(basePriority);
    } else {
      // Case 2: User specified a priority
      //    Base priority = user specified priority
      //    Escalated priority = UN

    // Task will be created with max priority = max(base priority, UN) = base
    // priority
  } else {
    // Is a structured concurrency child task. Must have a parent.
    assert((asyncLet || group) && parent);
    SWIFT_TASK_DEBUG_LOG("Creating an structured concurrency task from %p", currentTask);

Is it possible to get the logs about Task under the hood in Xcode somehow ?

They’re statically compiled out — if you look at the defining macro you’ll find that it’s all guarded with a define false or similar. So no, sadly those logs are not available in released toolchains.

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