Is it possible to have more than one NavigationViewController in an app

I have an app that is really a login and “switchboard” leading to up to seven “mini-apps” (i.e., Auctions, TaskCards, etc). Each mini-app needs it own buttonbar and navbar. Is is possible to have more than one NavigationViewController in an app?

Are such questions on topic here? This is purely a Cocoa question, nothing to do with Swift as a language – see What’s the Difference Between Xcode, Objective-C, and Cocoa, where you can replace “Objective-C” with “Swift”.

You are right … this is not applicable here. I am so new to this I didn’t know the difference until reading the linked StackTrace. I am a TOTAL beginner armed with one Udemy Course on IOS development and then given until March 1 to launch our company’s web-based custom apps as an iPhone app. Apparently leadership thinks that because I could create that 6 app suite in Laravel and Vue, porting them to IOS was “child’s play.”

I apologize for posting an off-topic question.

I will remove myself from this forum until I know enough to ask intelligent questions.

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No worries! Please stay here, I think reading the Using Swift part of the forum is a valuable resource. For Cocoa-related questions, Stack Overflow will work better. And good luck with your project!


As the others have mentioned, this forum isn’t the best place for your question, but since you’re here already I figured I’d answer your question: yes, you can have as many as you’d like. Generally, each “navigation” workflow has one navigation controller to manage it.