Is it effective to use an XCFramework oriented dependency when using a package for Server Side swift?

I've been fiddling with a library (automerge-swift) that uses a back-end library that's written in Rust, so far primarily in macOS and iOS. On a lark, I decided to see what I could do with it in a server-side context.

The project exposes the Rust code as a C library interface wrapped behind a Swift package encapsulating it, and presents it as an XCFramework. The framework creation process carefully assembles various platform builds (arm, intel, etc), so I thought it might "just work". However, while that package is getting downloaded and unpacked, when I compile the front-end library code on Linux, the compiler is complaining about the package not being able to be imported.

I wasn't sure using compiling swift on linux was compatible with the c-library wrapping w/ XCFramework that was done for macOS and iOS. If I want to get this operational, do I need to take a different tact on getting that backend static library available?

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