Is outdated or broken?

Swift Evolution seems to be outdated or broken.

For instance swift-evolution/ at master · apple/swift-evolution · GitHub seems to be missing.

Can someone with insight please have a look?

Kind regards,


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@Alex_Martini might have some insight. I’m also usually a good contact point, although I’m out of the office this week so I don’t have (much) access to the backend. Thanks for the ping; normally this should be up do date!

I can currently see SE-0286 at the top of the dashboard — is it visible for you now?

FWIW it's missing for me as well.

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I see the updated version with 286.

Not visible for myself, even after a cache bust.

This is what I see on the top:


NO SE-286 show up, me too.

I did a Shift-Reload twice, now SE-286 is visible. Whatever that was …



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Works on my machine™


+1 for double-shift-reload :man_shrugging:

Yep, double refresh get SE-286 back.

The scheduled job that updates the JSON file had a credentials issue that was preventing it from updating that file after it finished reading all the SE proposals. After some changes, that job was running yesterday afternoon, but this morning it's having issues again, so I'm still working on a proper fix.


I've finished moving this scheduled job to a new machine, so the status page should update automatically every 10 minutes. I'll be checking it when proposals are updated, but if you see issues please let me know.