Is down? [RESOLVED]

(Lily Ballard) #1

I haven't been able to load for over an hour now. If I'm not logged in I get the normal logged out page, but as soon as I log in, nothing loads. It looks like the Document.jspa resource sends me most (all?) of the <head> tag and then hangs indefinitely, and eventually times out after a minute.

Is the site down for anyone else, or is it somehow unique to my account?

(Nicole Jacque) #2

Loads ok for me...

(Lily Ballard) #3

Looks like I can load the Create Ticket page (after harvesting the URL from another JIRA), but my dashboard is broken.

I have no idea what I can do to try and fix this. I just tried deleting my dashboard, which replaced it with System Dashboard, but that's hanging too.

(Erik Little) #4

It seems to be the dashboard that's having trouble loading, I can get to other things.

(Lily Ballard) #5

The big issue here is you have to have a valid URL to something else in order to get past the dashboard. I don't care about the dashboard, but not having the navigation bar is problematic.

(Nicole Jacque) #6

Hm, now I'm having some trouble loading. I'll look a little closer.

(Suyash Srijan) #7

It's still down for me, at least the dashboard. If I visit a SR ticket directly, then it loads.

(Mishal Shah) #8

System should be back to normal now.

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