Is `$` an identifier character now?

The Identifiers section of the Swift language reference do not seem to allow identifiers such as a$b, but I can currently type

let a$b = 4

Is this intended? There's no reference to U+0024 (dollar sign) and, following the specification, $ should be only used for implicit parameter names and property wrappers' projections.




This is not a bug, even before property wrappers were a thing you could write let _$foo which compiled just fine. Removing it now is a breaking change.

If anything, the documentation should be updated.

Possibly relevant history: SE–0144 “Allow Single Dollar Sign as a Valid Identifier” (rejected)

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Possibly related (and the source of this finding on my side): in the Alternatives Considered section of SE-0258 there's this bit

Looks like the proposal assumed that identifiers with $ not at the starting position were "safe".

IIRC this was meant as an infix operator to chain certain members similar to the dot.

The ship for that has sailed and the issue of ambiguity may or may not have been discussed during any of the past reviews.

I still have code that uses the $ in places where the compiler can‘t generate property wrappers automatically.

This is interesting, can you provide an example?

Basically manually written code like this:

var _foo = Binding<Int>(...)
var foo: Int {
  get {
  set {
    _foo.wrappedValue = newValue

var _$foo: Binding<Int> {

I will refactor this when we officially have property wrapper support for local variables.

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