Is Alamofire beta version reliable (5.0.0-beta.2)

(Bhupesh) #1


I am using Alamofire Library in my live project. I am migrating project to swift 4.2 So thinking to use 5.0.0-beta.2. Can you tell me the version that I can use or should I wait for non beta release.


(Gwendal Roué) #2

Generally speaking, beta software is unfinished, and should be avoided unless you are willing to take some amount of risk.

What kind of risk? There is no general answer. But you can expect changes that force you to refactor your app, small bugs, big bugs, nasty bugs, and maybe issues that will consume a surprisingly high amount of your time.

Beta releases provide no guarantee of eventual success.

We can look for more specific information. For example, what does the Alamofire say?


Released on 2019-01-07. All issues associated with this milestone can be found using this filter. Note: Alamofire will not be following semantic versioning during the beta process. There may be breaking changes until 5.0.0 is released.

(Jon Shier) #3

As far as reliability and performance goes, Alamofire 5 is ready to be used, as we have an extensive test suite. In fact, I've used it on a few projects already. The only issue moving forward will be API breakages during the beta process (as @gwendal.roue noted), which should be fairly minor. Between beta 1 and beta 2, we added some features, with the breakages mainly contained to naming and protocol requirements. So while we don't guarantee non-compile breaking changes between betas, the the library should be reliable during the process. Feel free to ask any addition questions here as well.

(Mathew Polzin) #4

It’s worth noting that Swift 4.2 is mentioned in the release of Alamnofire 4.7.3, so if your goal is to migrate to Swift 4.2 any release after that should do the trick. Obviously, you can go with 5.0.0 if you want, you just don’t need to jump out of the 4.x.x range to get Swift 4.2 support.