Introducing swift-influxdb-logs-metrics: Streamline Your Logging and Metrics with Swift and InfluxDB

Hey Swift community!

I'm glad to introduce a new Swift library designed to seamlessly integrate your applications with InfluxDB metrics: swift-influxdb-logs-metrics. The library offer Swift developers a robust and easy way to handle metrics and logging directly with InfluxDB.

InfluxDBMetricsFactory allows you to efficiently collect and send metrics to InfluxDB, handling everything from batching to custom tagging, ensuring that your application's performance metrics are always up-to-date and easily queryable.

InfluxDBLogHandler provides a powerful logging solution, pushing log entries into InfluxDB with support for custom tags and fields, allowing for complex queries and analysis directly from your InfluxDB instance.

Both libraries support features like:

  • Batching and Throttle Control: Manage how data is batched and sent to InfluxDB to optimize performance and resource usage.
  • Customizable Tagging: Decide which metrics and log metadata to index as tags for fast and efficient querying.
  • Ease of Configuration: Simple setup processes to get your Swift application integrated with InfluxDB in no time.

Perfect for developers looking to leverage InfluxDB for monitoring and logging in their Swift applications, these libraries are designed to be flexible, powerful, and easy to integrate.

Check them out and let us know your thoughts or get involved in further development!