Introducing Swift for Visual Studio Code

Is there a way to join the Swift Server Slack? It seems this link is not accepting new users.

Here's an invite link that shouldn't expire

Maybe should create a new VSCode category under this forum for better focus on Swift for VSCode announcement/updates and discussions.

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Already requested, will take a while I imagine as everyone is having a well deserved holiday break

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This is really really great. I'm teaching underprivileged kids in my neighbourhood how to code Swift, but since they don't have Macs I'm using GitHub Codespaces with VSCode – this is going to make their learning experience so, so much better. Thanks a lot to the whole team!


Soon, they might be able to use Google Colab as well.

This is really great. I installed it on a Raspberry Pi, and was building and remote-debugging from my Mac instantly. It's the first time I've managed to get LLDB working with Swift on Linux (I know it was possible before, but nowhere near this easy to set up).

A big thanks to everybody who worked on this.

It's amazing to think how far Swift tooling has come over the last 12 months - first DocC, now this. It's nice. We're in a much better place.


Super awesome!

Any plan to support UIKit and AppKit?


Well, AppKit should already work this way: SPM only AppKit and UIKit might be possible using the new SPM iOS support for Playgrounds?


isn't that a private Apple to SPM extension tho?

SPM support in iPad Swift Playgrounds means the new Swift for TensorFlow will support GPU-accelerated training entirely on an iPad. S4TF is massive enough that we may need to ship a pre-compiled binary for a good developer experience, but SPM supports binary dependencies.

Yes! I've been following your work on that very closely, super impressive stuff. From one high school student to another, salute :wink: I think this widening of the eco-system will help people realise that Swift can be used for even more than Apple platforms and the server – it's an amazing first language to learn, and thanks to your help more and more people will have the opportunity to join this community.

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Thanks to Santa🎅

I don't know, I assumed it would also work w/ the Xcode bundled SPM/toolchain, but I didn't try it yet.

I'm talking about manifest (Package.swift) extension. It has properties not supported by the open-source SPM manifest. Xcode can use it though to build and sign the actual app.

That's exactly what I'm thinking! I recently commented on a Medium post and someone said they didn't choose Swift for something because it was Apple-specific. Google Colab can work even on a school-issued Chromebook or an iPhone, and bringing Swift back to it is a major step in being cross-platform.


Nice job, mate! :clap:t2:

After a very frustrating experience with Xcode 13 so far, I'm very much ready to move on from it altogether, so this is much welcome news. Many thanks for your work.

Can you make CodeLLDB optional? CodeLLDB is 37M and the swift extension fails to install due to this on a slow connection.

I just need to read the code and the Outline view in VSCode. Xcode doesn't have Outline view.

Thanks for the awesome addition to the Swift development ecosystem!

It would be great if we could also publish the extension in the Open VSX registry. I've explained out the reasoning and process in this issue: Publish in the Open VSX Registry · Issue #90 · swift-server/vscode-swift · GitHub