Introducing Arena - a CLI tool to create SPM playgrounds

I hope it is appropriate to post this here but I thought Arena might be interesting for people here in particular, given that many (all?) projects will be using SPM for packaging.

Arena is a command line utility to pull an SPM library into a ready-for-use Xcode Playground, like so:

arena alamofire/alamofire

This will fetch the latest version of Alamofire and make it available in a playground.

I find it really useful to try out a new library or even one that I already use but at a different revision:

arena alamofire/alamofire@4.9.1

Have a look at the repository on Github and the introductory blog post to what else Arena can do, for instance pull in a set of libraries, or even create Playground books that you can sync over to iOS devices.

Please let me know if you’ve got any questions, comments, or tips for improvements!