Introduce to a quality korean translation project

(Lee Yongkyu) #1

Dear swift-dev.

My name is yongkyu.
I'd like to introduce you to a quality Korean translation project for 'The
Swift Programming Language'.

I and co-workers already translated and distributed 'The Swift Programming
Language' for swift 1.0 in Jan 2015.
site :
github :

And we are translating the document for 2.1/2.2 now.
Our goal is the manual start distribution in Mar 2016.
Of course, we have a plan for the document for swift 3.0.

The site stand some people in good stead when they study swift.
but we want more people use it for study swift.
So, Do you support to link our translate project to swift document
translation page? (like Chinese Translation project).

I expect to receive good news for you.
and if you want more info or something, reply to me anytime.

yongkyu LEE
Team leantra