Introduce Dflat, an alternative to Core Data in Swift

I've been working on a new project called Dflat in the past a few days. Dflat stands for, loosely: "Data Store in FlatBuffers". At the moment, I felt the 0.1.1 version is ready and want to seek feedback from the community.

What Dflat is: it does basic CRUD database operations on iOS, but with following features:

  1. Return immutable data objects on fetching;
  2. Multi-writer / multi-reader support;
  3. Type-checked LINQ style queries;
  4. Live query subscription with Combine;
  5. Schema upgrade requires no ALTER TABLE or write access to the underlying database.

You can read example here:
There are list of APIs:
Some benchmarks:
Finally, some technical discussions:

This project is only a few days old, although I am happy with how it is coded, and the feature list is exactly what it says (no empty promises). To put it in production, I still need to expose metrics tracking abilities (what non-fatal errors are, how many of them, what's the latency looks like) and just more time to feel really solid.