Integer types no longer conforming to Comparable?

I'm probably being blind, but I can't find where Integer types now conform to Comparable since Swift 5.0? (I'm trying to update my minimal stdlib to be compatible with Swift 5.0.)

Sorry if a dumb question.

Took me some digging, but the inheritance path is BinaryInteger: Strideable: Comparable.

Then I remembered can show the inheritance graph. Unfortunately the nightly build doesn't work, but it looks like nothing changed since 4.2:
Inheritance Graph for Int —

Edit: I guess you meant the actual implementation. This must be it: swift/IntegerTypes.swift.gyb at 1c9bb7268bb3776b8ea0cffe5c0e70fd22ccd1e3 · apple/swift · GitHub


I actually just meant the inheritance, I was being dumb and couldn't see it. Thanks for helping out with an easy one. Closed. :slight_smile: