Implementing protocol requirements with generic parameters

For this protocol one method has a default implementation:

protocol SomeProtocol {
    func printValue(_ value: Int)
    func printValue(_ value: Int16)

extension SomeProtocol {
    func printValue(_ value: Int) {
        print("\(value) (Int)")

In a conforming struct I'm trying to implement both methods with a generic parameter:

struct SomeStruct: SomeProtocol {
    func printValue(_ value: some Numeric) {
        print("\(value) (Numeric)")

I would have expected that the generic implementation works for both methods, but apparently it is only used for the method that doesn't have a default implementation:

let s = SomeStruct()
s.printValue(1 as Int)    // ->  1 (Int)
s.printValue(2 as Int16)  // ->  2 (Numeric)

Why ist that? Are the precedence rules documented somewhere?