If you are new to programming and learning your first language. Are there good ways to pick up Swift syntax?

I am incredibly new to this. I have dabbled with a little CSS, HTML, and a tiny bit of JavaScript. Those were mostly follow along tutorials and “do what I do”, so I don’t feel as though I got a very deep understanding.

I found that basic CSS/HTML was a bit easier for me to grasp because I could see the relationships in front of me. Creating classes and IDs, etc and the basic structure of a web page. It was easier for me to follow along.

I just started a new tutorial in Swift and am running into the issue of not being able to ground the syntax without a point of reference. I don’t understand why things do what they do. Some things I understand, like for loops (to an extent) and even while loops. I see the relationships.

But I find that I am struggling with the relationships between things. Forgive me if that is too vague. So much of the syntax seems vague to me. I am having a hard time making it stick.

Does anyone have advice for a total noob? Is there a resource out there that helps build understanding of the syntax?

For those willing to share, I would love any stories about how you learned Swift. What is/was your process?

Forgive me if I posted this in the wrong place. I will be happy to remove it if I need to.

The best advice would be to start reading the Swift Programming Language Guide.

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I just added it to my books app. TY!

Apple publishes a series in the Books App called "Develop with Swift". A recently updated starting point in the series is "Develop in Swift Fundamentals" (Xcode 12). It's followed by a Develop in Swift Explorations, and there's a third Develop in Swift AP CS Principles. The first two I've been through, and found them a nice guide to getting into the details. It's focused on iOS development (UIKit) over desktop (AppKit) or server-side stuff in its examples (not surprisingly), but anything you get in Fundamentals translates well to other areas of swift programming.

Oh - in getting links for this, there's a fourth there as well that I haven't been through: Develop in Swift Data Collections


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