How to search in TableView by Section and Row?

How to search in TableView by Section and Row ?

Get nested JSON from the site.

self.partnerBranchs = try decoder.decode([PartnerBranch].self, from: data)


struct PartnerBranch: Decodable {
let id: Int?
let address: String?
let contacts: String?
let name: String?
let logo: String?
let stocks: [Stock]

struct Stock: Decodable {
let id: Int?
let title: String?
let description: String?
let images: String?

PartnerBranch is a section
Stock is a row

How do I search for both?

Now works only on sections:

func filterContentForSearchText(_ searchText: String) {
partnerBranchsFiltered = partnerBranchs.filter({ (partnerBranch: PartnerBranch) -> Bool in

As I understand it I have to somehow use compactMat for stocks.

Sorry for my English. Thank you in advance.

It depends on what you want the results to look like. AFAICT there are two criteria here:

  • Does the branch name contain searchText? (A)

  • Does the branch include any stock items that contain searchText? (B)

Do you want the branch to be included in the list if A is true but B is false?

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