How to migrate PHPhotoLibraryChangeObserver to Swift 6 and Strict Concurrency Checking?

I have the following code:

extension AssetGridViewController: PHPhotoLibraryChangeObserver {
    func photoLibraryDidChange(_ changeInstance: PHChange) {
        Task { @MainActor in
            guard let changes = changeInstance.changeDetails(for: fetchResult) else { return }
            fetchResult = changes.fetchResultAfterChanges

With Swift 6, this generates a compilation error: Main actor-isolated instance method 'photoLibraryDidChange' cannot be used to satisfy nonisolated protocol requirement. The error includes to fix-it suggestions:

  1. Adding nonisolated to the function (nonisolated func photoLibraryDidChange(_ changeInstance: PHChange))
  2. Adding @preconcurrency to the protocol conformance (extension AssetGridViewController: @preconcurrency PHPhotoLibraryChangeObserver {)

Both options generate a runtime error: EXC_BREAKPOINT (code=1, subcode=0x105b7c400). For context, AssetGridViewController is a regular UIViewController.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Here is a sample project: GitHub - tovkal/PhotoSwift6: How to migrate PHPhotoLibraryChangeObserver to Swift 6?

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Seems like a bug in Photos SDK to me. nonisolated there should be fine, given that observer called off main thread.

Thanks! Yeah, I thought that, but wanted to ask somebody else in case I was missing something. I made a feedback for it (FB14101971)