How to inject function call in SIL by add new SIL Pass?

We can inject function call in LLVM IR by add new FunctionPass like the follow

struct FunTime : public FunctionPass{
    static char ID;
    FunTime() : FunctionPass(ID){}
    bool runOnFunction(Function &F) override{
        if (F.getName().startswith("_ly_fun")) {
            return false;
        LLVMContext &context = F.getParent()->getContext();
        BasicBlock &bb = F.getEntryBlock();
        Instruction *beginInst = dyn_cast<Instruction>(bb.begin());
        FunctionType *type = FunctionType::get(Type::getInt64Ty(context), {}, false);
        Constant *beginFun = F.getParent()->getOrInsertFunction("_ly_fun_b", type);
        Value *beginTime = nullptr;
        if (Function *fun = dyn_cast<Function>(beginFun)) {
            CallInst *inst = CallInst::Create(fun);
            beginTime = inst;
        for (Function::iterator I = F.begin(), E = F.end(); I != E; ++I) {
            BasicBlock &BB = *I;
            for (BasicBlock::iterator I = BB.begin(), E = BB.end(); I != E; ++I){
                ReturnInst *IST = dyn_cast<ReturnInst>(I);
                if (IST){
                    FunctionType *type = FunctionType::get(Type::getVoidTy(context), {Type::getInt8PtrTy(context),Type::getInt64Ty(context)}, false);
                    Constant *s = BB.getModule()->getOrInsertFunction("_ly_fun_e", type);
                    if (Function *fun = dyn_cast<Function>(s)) {
                        IRBuilder<> builder(&BB);
                        CallInst *inst = CallInst::Create(fun, {builder.CreateGlobalStringPtr(BB.getParent()->getName()), beginTime});
        return false;

But how to inject function call in SIL by add new SIL Pass? Does the follow way is right? And I don't know how to continue.

class SwiftRoyOptimizer: public SILFunctionTransform {
    void run() override {
        auto *F = getFunction();
        auto *Mod = getIRGenModule();
        SILBasicBlock &bb = *F->getEntryBlock();
        SILInstruction *beginInst = dyn_cast<SILInstruction>(bb.begin());

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