How to identify/associate swiftinterface declarations with original declarations?

i understand that the Right Solution here is to fix SymbolGraphGen. however, my original goal here is to generate documentation for swift packages.

today, this means generating documentation for swift packages on 5.9, as that is the version of swift people expect to read documentation for. in a few weeks time, this will mean generating documentation on 5.10.

even if we are willing to show users documentation that is different from what it is labeled as, there is a high percentage of packages in the ecosystem that do not compile with nightly toolchains.

unless i’m missing something, an optimistic timeline for a SymbolGraphGen-based solution is going to be along the lines of:

  1. modify the compiler on main (deadline: March 15)

  2. wait for 6.0 to come out (possibly: Q3/Q4 2024)

if i miss the March 15 deadline (likely, as i am an external developer), we are looking at Q1 2025 as the earliest we can have @_spi visibility in swift documentation. is my understanding correct?