How to handle +1/-1 replies

From experience with GitHub issues, I have a feeling that "+1"/"-1" responses might become a common thing on this board. I think it would be a good idea to figure out whether these kinds of replies are something we want (I stand on the side of not wanting replies like these, fwiw), and if it is not, whether there are other mechanisms that could better represent what those replies are meant to say.

A quick google search led me to this plugin: GitHub - gdpelican/retort: A reactions plugin for Discourse which replicates GitHub/Slack style emoji reactions. While I don't know whether this plugin is good, I think emoji reactions would be a good solution to this, giving people the possibility to express support etc without spamming the thread.

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The original etiquette on the list was that "+1" and "-1" replies were discouraged. However, it seems to have been ignored. During discussions about how to start the forum, the idea of emoji reactions was put forward, which received some positive and some negative feedback.

It seems the end design here allows "likes" in the form of :heart:, and I would guess that it's somewhat deliberate that the organizers have chosen only to allow the positive form of such feedback. In light of this functionality, I think we should re-emphasize again the etiquette that messages that say only "+1" are strongly discouraged.