How to fix "Passing UnsafeMutableRawPointer? may cause data races"?

With code like the following:

import Cocoa

let window = NSWindow()

Task.detached {
let error = NSError()

await window.presentError(error,
                          modalFor: window,
                          delegate: nil,
                          didPresent: nil,
                          contextInfo: nil)


I get the following warning for contextInfo:

"Passing argument of non-sendable type 'UnsafeMutableRawPointer?' into main actor-isolated context may introduce data races"

How can I fix this? I don't see how passing nil here can cause any data races.

It doesn't! This is a case where code that obviously can't race is diagnosed by Sendable checking. This will be resolved by SE-0414: Region-based isolation. You should not need to change this code.


OK, thanks!

Region-based isolation will then also take care of the case when I would actually want to pass any context info on, if I read correctly, so this is good.