How to detect if a class was added/linked to executable?

I have an optional class that, if linked, I would like to call.
I know how to detect if a class exists in Objective-C, however I'm running on Linux and the objc_* functions do not exist. I have read that Swift on Linux is not interoperable with Objective-C at all.
How can I detect whether the optional class was indeed added to the executable? Thanks.

What do you mean by "optional class" ? Is it a class from possibly another module?

How does this relate to your other thread?

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Quinn “The Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple

It's just two ways to solve the same problem. If a piece of code was linked into a program, either statically or dynamically linked, how can I detect that it is there and call it? I'm flexible. It can be a function that I call or a class whose object I instantiate.

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