How to debug previews in framework targets

As of Xcode 11.4.1, there seems to be bug where using the canvas' "Debug Preview" function on a PreviewProvider inside of a framework target causes a "Could not attach to pid" error (please confirm that its not just my Xcode).

I wonder if people have a good flow for debugging TCA submodules. Not having to build the full app is one of the selling points of modularization (I believe @mbrandonw talked about this somewhere but now I cant find it). But I find developing without a debug console very inconvenient.

While I've had issues with frameworks and previews in earlier Xcode versions, I'm able to use them for framework views these days. As an example, I just opened ComposableArchitecture.xcworkspace, switched the build scheme to LoginSwiftUI, and was able to debug the preview in LoginSwiftView.swift.

A few things we've noticed, though:

  1. Previews in general appear to build way more than is necessary for a given view. I think I read somewhere that there may be ways to tweak this with custom build schemes, but I forget where...

  2. On-device previews do not yet support frameworks and return the following error:

    GenericHumanReadableError: unexpected error occurred

    This leaves me to believe they are aware of the issue and it may be supported in the future.

@stephencelis Lucky you :grinning:, I cant do the same. Cant even do it in a vanilla project, so its not CA related. I only asked here since CA and modularity kind of go together.

To be clear I can "Live Preview" but cant "Debug Preview", always get:

Could not attach to pid : “6490”
Domain: IDEDebugSessionErrorDomain
Code: 3
Failure Reason: Error 1
User Info: {
    DVTRadarComponentKey = 855031;
    RawLLDBErrorMessage = "Error 1";

System Information

macOS Version 10.15.4 (Build 19E287)
Xcode 11.4.1 (16137)

I tried all the usual cleans and resets. I will close this and stop using frameworks in my project (sigh).

Forgot this is Swift forums and I dont know how to close my own topics, if thats even possible.

Fine to close this if anyone's watching.

Ah right. I think this is just the current state of Xcode previews and is definitely worth filing feedback for (if you haven't already).

I think that having a live preview is good enough to keep using frameworks. And whenever you need to debug you can do so from a preview provider in the main app target. Not ideal, but perhaps a good-enough workaround, and similar to workarounds we've employed for playground-driven development in the past.