How to create infinite value of Decimal?

Is there a way to create an infinite Decimal?

In Decimal implementation I can see that isInfinite is always false:

/// `true` iff `self` is infinity.
public var isInfinite: Bool { return false }

What I tried is:


but it will "freeze" an execution, probably because of a while loop inside the init function:

while Double(UInt64.max - 1) < val {
    val /= 10.0
    exponent += 1

The current Decimal type does not support infinities. That said, the init you're attempting to use should not enter an infinite loop, either (CC @itaiferber, @Philippe_Hausler).

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FWIW, this currently matches the behavior on Darwin, but I do think that trapping is likely better than looping infinitely. This is tracked by SR-3126 — we'd likely need to update the implementation on Darwin in tandem for consistency.


Still freezes in Sep 2020.
EDIT: Oops, probably because I'm running in an iOS 12 simulator

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