How to connect to Redis in Vapor 4?

If I'm starting a new vapor 4 project, what library should I use to connect to Redis?

When I go to, and click on "Redis" at the bottom, the link goes to


Vapor has its Redis integration with the same library it has always - it has just switched out the driver implementation to use RediStack.

The website has an incorrect link, which should be fixed shortly. Thanks for reporting it!

I looked at vapor/redis, but the most recent release is August 2019 so I thought it was Vapor 3 only. Is that compatible with Vapor 4?

I also looked at mordil/RediStack, but its latest release was 1.0.0-alpha.10, so I wasn't sure how ready it was for production.

My current project is still on Vapor 3, relying on SQLite, Redis and Postgres vapor packages. Can't wait till I can upgrade to Vapor 4!

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