How to add the target specific files in package.swift of Swift Package Manager?

I am adopting to the Swift Package Manager in my project, which consists of various targets having lots of Swift files, some of the files are commons across the targets.

My project structure is :
A Target -

  • file1.swift
  • file2.swift
  • file3.swift (Common file)

B Target -

  • file3.swift (Common file)
  • file4.swift
  • file5.swift

C Target -

  • file3.swift (Common file)
  • file5.swift (Common file)
  • file6.swift
  • file7.swift

As per Swift PM Apple documentation you have to manually entered the files path into sources of package.swift in Swift PM.

I don't want to change the project structure for Swift PM as my project contains lots of file.

Is there any way to include the target specific files?

So that the newly added files add automatically into the sources which will reduces the developer effort of putting the newly added file path into sources.

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