How to add tag to new topic

I’m trying to figure out how to tag a new topic. I don’t see any field to add one (on mobile). Haven’t found a how-to in FAQ either.
Is it just a about adding a #tag in the body? #generics

I have found the “optional tags” field when I edited the header of this topic after initial post.

On mobile it gives me a drop down that is off-screen to the left. Should I file bugs with Discourse or is this a configuration issue? cc @sam.saffron

Can you try again? I just updated the site.

List of tags now fits well on my mobile screen. Thanks @sam.saffron!

Is there a way to add the tag during the initial topic creation, or is editing the header the only way?

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We are so limited on space on mobile, its just super hard to fit in an extra combo box, at the moment the header is the only way to go. We are thinking about this though and may come up with a way.