How to access @Published var from func outside of view?

I'm trying to remove the logic from the view, while keeping the benefits of SwiftUI. Idea 1 works but it makes use of an extra variable than I would want to. Idea 2 gives error: Property wrappers are not yet supported on local properties. What is the best way of making this work? Many thanks.

import Combine
import Foundation
import SwiftUI

// Model

enum Model: String, RawRepresentable {

    case foo = "foo"
    case bar = "bar"

// State

var data1: String =

class State: ObservableObject {

    @Published internal var data2: String = data1

// Logic

func logic() {

// Idea 1: OK

    //data1 =

// Idea 2: Error Property wrappers are not yet supported on local properties

    @ObservedObject let state = State()
    state.data2 =

// View

struct bar: View {

    @EnvironmentObject private var state: State

    internal var body: some View {
        return Text(verbatim: self.state.data2)

@ObservedObject is for the View to keep track if the value triggers willChange publisher. Since you're not inside a View, there's not need to use it (and you'll need to subscribe to that publisher manually).

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