How do you extend templates in Leaf and why does following the documentation not allow me to do so?

The Leaf documentation doesn't seem to be working for me I can't figure out why.


        <p>Welcome to Vapor!</p>


<!-- Backend Projects -->
<div class="seciton-label">
<!-- Backend Card -->
#for(card in .backendCollection.collection):
<div class="greeting-card">
    <a href=#(card.url)>
    <p> #(card.description) </p>

The result is the following image.

Please help - I can't find solutions to this issue.

If I remove the quotes from #import I get an error
{ "error":true,"reason":"import only supports string literals" }

Hey mofokengethon, is it still an issue?

You're extending the view seems correct. So the issue has to be somewhere else.