How do I run a checkpoint on a core data sqlite file?

I have a swift program that reads a series of CSV files into core data. Once that is complete I save the view content to persistent store with After this call I would like to be able to run a checkpoint from within the swift program to flush the records in the .sqlite-wal file to the .sqlite file. I have tried with no success. Below is the my class that handles the file reading and saving. The code I have attempted to use to run the checkpoint is listed below that.

class UpdateCoreDataTest: ObservableObject {
    @Published var isLoading: Bool = true
    var moc: NSManagedObjectContext
    init(moc: NSManagedObjectContext) {
        self.moc = moc
        Task {
            await IsDataStoreEmpty(moc: self.moc)
            let fund1 = CSVtoCoreData(fundName: "Fund1", fileName: "Fund1.csv")
            let fund2 = CSVtoCoreData(fundName: "Fund2", fileName: "Fund2.csv")
            let fund3 = CSVtoCoreData(fundName: "Fund3", fileName: "Fund3.csv")
            await fund1.CSVtoCoreDataG(moc: self.moc)
            await fund2.CSVtoCoreDataG(moc: self.moc)
            await fund3.CSVtoCoreDataG(moc: self.moc)
            do {
            } catch {
                print("Error saving. \(error)")
            DispatchQueue.main.async {
                self.isLoading = false
    } // end init

            let fileURL = URL(fileURLWithPath: "/Users/Chris/Downloads/Persistent Store 2/Funds.sqlite")
            var dataBase: OpaquePointer?
            if sqlite3_open(fileURL.path, &dataBase) != SQLITE_OK {
                print("Unable to open sqlite file")
            } else {
                print("Succesfully opened sqlite file")
            sqlite3_wal_checkpoint(dataBase, "Index Funds.sqlite" )