How do I incorporate vapor in an existing swift app?

Hi. I manually added vapor as a swift dependency and managed to successfully import Vapor in my existing swift app. However, when I try to run the code on the framework landing page I get this error

2020-07-04T16:31:47+0300 notice: Server starting on

2020-07-04T16:31:47+0300 error: bind(descriptor:ptr:bytes:): Operation not permitted (errno: 1)

When I compile the project generated with vapor everything runs fine

Is your Swift app for iOS? New projects created for Apple hardware have App Sandbox enabled which limits network capabilities.

Go to your Project > Targets > iOS > Signing & Capabilities > App Sandbox. Remove App Sandbox or configure the settings for Incoming Connections (Server)

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Hi. Thank you for your reply. It seems that this was the problem (incoming connection permission for macOS)

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