How can I get this glaring color?

Hi everyone.

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I am a beginner level swift developer and just started one project.
Now, I am getting difficulties for making this color view.
As you can see, this is not a single color.
I am struggling to get this colored view but seems like my skill is not enough for getting this color.

I'd like to get help from superior developers who have experiences in these parts.

I am always eager to learn but for this time, I don't know how to I get this color. Really...
I will be very appreciated if you can help me.

Thank you very much.

Hi, there

Here's the step to solve your problem.

First, if you want to get colors on the screen, analyse the screen as an image. Make a screenshot or get the image showed on the screen.

Second, get all the colors on the image. Get the color of every pixel of the image. Then you'll have a set like (count: Int, color: UIColor).

Third, pick the primary color, which is the most count color. Or the second. Or several colors that each of them has more than n count.

At last, deal with these colors. Like getting the invert color of the primary color. Or the average color of the primary colors. Set the color to the background view or anywhere else.

Here's an open source project that may help you understand it better: UIImageColors

Are you sure you even want to do this at all? It violates pretty much everything about the human interface design guidelines. How many of the high quality apps that you've used use such flashy themes?

Hi, thank you all for helping me. Beautiful world.

I already solved all issues clearly. That's all coming from your kind help.

Here is the result. Thank you and have a great day.