How can I get rid of the command promt window presented with my SwiftWin32 app?

Hello everyone!

I have checked out swift-win32-application as a base and after successful build when i launch manually my executable it is presented as it should, however there is also instance of cmd.exe presented on the screen as you can see in the image below:


So my question is how i can get rid of that instance of cmd.exe?

Thanks in advance!



Similar to how application development for Apple platforms is generally discouraged from being a general support topic on the Swift forums, I think we should be respectful and do the same for this as this seems related to the use of the particular framework rather than a general swift thing. In this case, I think that it would be better to have the discussion at GitHub - compnerd/swift-win32: A Win32 application framework for Swift.

(I’ll note that this really seems like a bug and I’d really like to understand what’s going on)

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Okay, thanks! Moving there.

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