How can I extract only the port number from an NWEndpoint.hostPort case?

NWConnection.currentPath?.localEndpoint returns 192.168.1.X:YYYYY. I'd like to listen to port YYYYY for a reply after sending from that port to a multicast address but I can't seem to extract that data separately.

NWEndpoint is an enumeration and .hostPort is a case as hostPort(host: NWEndpoint.Host, port: NWEndpoint.Port) . The documentation reference doesn't show any getter functions, so how can I elegantly get only the port number?

I can convert it to a string with String(describing: NWEndpoint) and handle the string from there, but I'd preferably like a native Network framework method.

NWEndpoint is an enum, so you can extract values using a switch statement. For example:

import Network

func portForEndpoint(_ endpoint: NWEndpoint) -> NWEndpoint.Port? {
    switch endpoint {
    case .hostPort(_, let port):
        return port
        return nil

print(portForEndpoint(NWEndpoint.hostPort(host: "", port: 12345)))
// prints: Optional(12345)

ps If you have any more questions about Network framework, I recommend that you ask them over on DevForums, and specifically in the Core OS > Networking topic area.

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Quinn “The Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple

Thank you so much! I'm fairly new to Swift (and programming) in general and had never used enums before. Thanks for the recommendation about networking, too.

To anyone else finding this, the reference material is here:
Control Flow has more detailed information.