How can I build the Swift toolchain with distcc?

This is kind of a general question, but I noticed when trying to build a toolchain appears to fail when using distcc. If I understand it correctly, the build process involves bootstrapping a clang compiler and then using it to build the rest of the toolchain, but I found that the build script would run into trouble when distributing this work out to other machines because they would use the system compiler rather than the bootstrap one. Is this how it's supposed to work, or is my setup broken?


I'm also interested by this question :face_with_monocle:

@saagarjha I posted a solution on another topic, I hope it'll help you :slight_smile:

I believe the Swift toolchain tries to use distcc unconditionally, yes–this is annoying, but in this case I actually do want to use it. The problem is that if you try to use it the build breaks because of reasons I described above. Did the build succeed for you?

Honestly, I don't remember. But seeing this:

I suppose it did :tipping_hand_man:t2:

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