[Help needed] Return a list of discovered BT peripherals

I'm stuck for a while now and I kindly ask for some help.
I want to scan for BT-peripherals with a specific name and provide those in a list to use in SwiftUI.

My current (somehow working) approach is this:

class BT public class API: NSObject, CBCentralManagerDelegate, CBPeripheralDelegate, ObservableObject {
@Published var discoveredDevices = [CBPeripheral]()

    public func scan(timeout: Double, completion: @escaping (([CBPeripheral]) -> Void))
        guard connectionState == STATE.DISCONNECTED else {
            print ("Can only start scan from DISCONNECTED")
        discoveredDevices = []

        let options: [String: Any] = [CBCentralManagerScanOptionAllowDuplicatesKey: NSNumber(value: false)]

        centralManager.scanForPeripherals(withServices: nil, options: options)

        DispatchQueue.main.asyncAfter(deadline: .now() + timeout) {            
            completion(self. discoveredDevices)

public func centralManager(_ central: CBCentralManager, didDiscover peripheral: CBPeripheral, advertisementData: [String : Any], rssi RSSI: NSNumber) {
        peripheral.delegate = self

        if (peripheral.name?.contains("testDevice") ?? false) {

But I am not happy with that. I would like to use async/await in the scan-function and return the list, so I can use something like this in SwiftUI:

let devices = try await scan(timeout:5) 

I tried around a lot already, but I cannot manage to
"collect" devices within a specified time and return those through the scan-function.

Where I cannot wrap my head around is that the delegate-method (didDiscover) gets called with every discovered device. How can I let the scan-function know when the scanning is done (timeout ran out) and only then return the list of the discovered devices?

Thanks in advance already

I’ll respond over on your other thread.

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