Help, can't find 'swift package' command

today I install swift on my debian testing machine from source code. everything go well, make the path right. then the ‘swift’ command here but no ‘swift package’ command. so it doesn’t install with swift ? how can get it. (I find office website say it with xcode, but my machine is linux)?

If you installed swift from the GitHub repository, the swift package manager isn’t included. It has a separate repository ( You can get swift and the swift package manager together from the snapshots available at, as it says in the swift package manager readme.

However, there are no releases specifically for debian there. They currently only support Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 and 16.10, but if swift runs fine on your machine, I guess swift package manager will too, but I have no experience in this direction.

@cherrywoods thanks, begin i think it in download Snapshots, now i try it.

now i download the last Swift 4.1 Development Snapshots, it has the 'swift package ’

the Swift 4.1 Development Snapshots works well current.

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