Heads up: Enforcement of StdlibUnittest runAllTests()

Heads up: StdlibUnittest is now enforcing that its test files run a test.

StdlibUnittest files are expected to end with runAllTests(). Previously if you forgot to call runAllTests() then the test file silently tested nothing and succeeded. Now the test file fails.

    Ran no tests and runNoTests() was not called. Aborting.
    Did you forget to call runAllTests()?

If you have an StdlibUnittest file that is expected to run no tests, you can call runNoTests() to prevent the error. I don't know of any such test today; we use lit's facilities instead (REQUIRES: and UNSUPPORTED:).

I found and fixed two test files, but I didn't run all tests on all platforms. If you find another new test failure because runAllTests() is missing, please send a pull request or just complain here.


Greg Parker gparker@apple.com Runtime Wrangler