[GSoC] lib/Syntax


First, I would like to thank the Swift project leads and who is responsible for making Swift part of GSoC this year.

I am Mohammed Ennabah, an undergraduate senior student. I have been using Swift for a while now, and I have contributed to Swift already.
I want to participate in GSoC, I am not sure if I am limited to a component/s. I prefer working with Swift, but I am not limited to it.

Is there any suggestion or advice to do before the application period begins? I already looked into the SarterBug labelled bugs.

Thank you!

CC @akyrtzi @Xi_Ge

@MEnnabah Thank you for your interest in contributing to Swift! One topic we’d really like to explore is to use libSyntax infrastructure to improve Swift tooling from various aspects, such as code formatting, linting, stress testing, etc. One good starting point is to experiment with libSyntax APIs in Swift. You can find some related code examples in here. I suggest getting yourself familiar with these APIs by modifying some existing code or generating a Swift source file programmatically. Please let me know if you have any questions.