[GSoC 2021] Swift data structure implementation

Hi @lorentey,

My name is Ayush and I'm a senior at BITS Pilani, India. I've been participating in GSoC with Tensorflow for the last 2 years:

1.) In 2019 as a GSoC Intern with Swift for TensorFlow team where my project was creating Tutorials for the library mentored by @rxwei, Brad Larson, and Paige Bailey.

2.) In 2020 as a GSoC Mentor with Swift for Tensorflow team where I co-mentored the project "A fast, cross-platform image loader in Swift" along with Brad Larson and @compnerd which involved working on benchmarking computer vision libraries and replacing the existing library in S4TF with a 1.8x faster library using CMake.

I've been working with Swift for over 2 years now and have considerable experience in it from my GSoC experiences as well as my internship. I'm really interested in working on the Swift data structures implementation project since I've always been intrigued by the internal working of data structures, API design, and the time/space complexities associated with it.

I have already gone through the project description and have some ideas on how we can proceed with it. I was hoping to discuss this with you too and get some pointers along with talking about the timeline, deliverables, and other things privately.

Thank You!

- Ayush


@rxwei @codafi @hborla @ktoso
Can anyone please help me with this? :sweat_smile:

No need to ping everyone, but thanks for pinging me -- I'll check in with Karoy to get back to you here as he's mentoring this project :slight_smile:

Sorry about that but I didn't know whom to check in with apart from Karoy. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Hi Ayush! :smiley: I'm very pleased to meet you! I sent a private message to coordinate the details.


Yes, I've received it :smiley:

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